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Penrith 21.02.21 Start Sheet

Dunheved 17.01.20 Start Sheet

Riverside Oaks 20 Start Sheet

Windsor 20 Start Sheet

Fox Hills 20 Start Sheet

Muirfield 2020 Start Sheet

Penrith Start Sheet 2020

Dunheved Start Sheet 2020

Muirfield Start Sheet 2019

Riverside Start Sheet 2nd Round Club Championships / Ind stableford

Windsor 20.10.2019 @ 7.03 am 1st round Club Championship / Indv Stable 

Asquith 29.09.2019 @ 7.05 am Teams (4) 6-6-6 / Indv Stable

Stonecutters 11.08.2019 @ 6.49 am.

The Ridge 28.07.2019 @7.54 am (Rev 06 23.07.19)

Glenmore Park 23.06.2019 @ 6.56 am. rev 19.06.19.

Muirfield 2017 6.00am Tee

Riverside Oaks 2017 7.00am Tee

Windsor 2017 Tee 6.49am

Asquith 2017 Tee 7.26am

Stonecutters 2017 Tee 6.28am

The Ridge Tee 7.46am 2017

Glenmore Park 2017

Fox Hills May 28th 7.30am Tee

Muirfield April 23rd 6.21am Tee

Richmond March 19th Game Cancelled due to Course Closure.

Penrith February 19th Tee 7.17am

Dunheved January29th Tee 7.38am

Riverside Oaks November 13th Tee 7.00am

Windsor October 23rd 6.49am Tee 2016

Asquith September 18th 6.30am Tee 2016

Stonecutters Ridge August 14th 6.25am Tee 2016

Glenmore Park June 12th 8.08am Tee

Lynwood May 22nd 11:04am Tee

Muirfield April 24 6:21am Tee

Richmond 8:11am Tee

Penrith 6:30am Tee

Dunheved 6.07 Tee

Murifield 6.56am (Two Tees)

MRiverside Oaks 7.00am Tees

The Ridge Start Sheet November 1st $60 Including Cart 8:00am Tee

Windsor October 18th 6.00am Tee

Asquith September 13th 6.30am Tee

Stonecutters Ridge August 9th 6.28am Tee

Glenmore Park June 14 7.30am Tee

Mona Vale Start Sheet 17th May 6.31am Tee

Muirfied 2015 April 26th 6.14am Tee

Richmond 2015

Penrith 2015

Dunheved 2015

Muirfield December 2014

Riverside Oaks 16th November

Windsor 19th October 6:00am

Asquith 14th September 6:30am updated Sept 12

Lynwood 3rd August 6:35am 2014

Glenmore Park June 15th 6:56am 2014

Mona Vale May 18th 6:59am 2014

Muirfield April 27 6:14am 2014

Richmond March 9th 2014 7:52am

Penrith February 23rd 2014 6:30am

Dunheved January 19 2014 6:00am

Muirfield December 1, 6:00am Two Tees

Riverside Oaks November 17 6:30am 2013

Windsor October 27th 7:10am 2013

Asquith September 22nd 7:05am 2013

Mona Vale August 13th 7:13 am 2013

Fox Hills July 14th 6:35am 2013

Glenmore Park June 23rd 7:44am 2013

Liverpool May 5th 7:45am 2013

Muirfield 7th April 6:14am (Two Tees) 2013

Richmond 17th March 8:00am (Two Tees) 2013

Penrith Game 10th February 6:30am 2013

Dunheved 20th January 6:35am 2013

Muirfield December 9th 6:00am 2012

Riverside Oaks 18th November 2012


Asquith September 16th 6:30am 2012

Lynwood 5th August

Fox Hills July 22nd 6:28am

Glenmore Park 17th June 8:08am

Riverside Oaks May 27th

Muirfield April 22nd 

Richmond March 25th

Dunheved 29th January

Penrith 19th February

Muirfield 4th December

Riverside Oakes May 27th


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