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Match Play Overview

Match Play Overview for Baulkham Hills Sports Club Golf Division Qualifying Commencing December 2015.

Match Play competition will be played over 5 consecutive rounds including the qualifying round.

The first round will be the Qualifying Round. Players will be seeded in order of their finish position on the day’s results.

The event will be either for 16 players or 32 players depending on the numbers that qualify on the day’s event.

Reserve players are seeded as above if positions come available.

Players who didn’t qualify in the initial qualifying round will be allocated spot in the order of merit subject to any cancellations for the Matchplay event.

Any player who qualified and is not available to play on the day’s event must notify the Club Captain and will forfeit the match.

Handicaps will be determined by the handicapper after each round of matchplay.

Handicap index will be as per the index on the Golf Card used on the day’s event at the resident Golf Course. The index is indicated on the scorecard i.e. “Matchplay Index”. The club Captain will provide the full index for each course I.e. card to have at least 2 index’s shown per hole.  

Here is a listing of important Match Play Rules to remember when playing Match Play that is normally a stroke event, however in our case (Baulkham Hills Sports Club) it is the highest Stableford Points that wins the hole...

Match Play: Match Play is a format of play that is scored in a hole-by-hole competition using stableford points. 

The player (in our case 2 players playing against each other) will be playing a stableford handicap competition, the player with the highest stableford score wins the hole.

For example a player who holes out for 4 strokes and gets 3 points and his opponent holes out for 5 strokes and gets 2 points, the player who gets the highest stableford points wins the hole. In this case the player with 3 stableford points wins the hole. 

Winning: The player who has won the most holes wins the match. When a player is winning by more holes than there are holes remaining, the match is won. 

A match can be won before all 18 holes are played. For example, if you win the first 10 holes, you’ve won the match because there are only 8 holes left to play. 

Match Play Terms:

Status of a Match: 

The status of a match is expressed relationally. Match play scoring does not indicate the number of holes won by a player, but rather how many more holes than his opponent a golfer has won. 

"Up" indicates that a player is winning by a number of holes and "down" indicates that the player is losing by a number of holes.

Halved Hole:

A halved hole is a hole where opponents score the same on a specific hole. The opponents are said to have "halved" the hole and the status of the match remains the same.


A match is said to be dormie when a player has won as many holes as the number of holes remaining to be played, i.e. 3 up with 3 to play. The worst the leading player can do at this point is tie (by losing all the remaining holes).

All Square:

A scoring term that indicates a match between both players is tied.

Scoring System

In match play, the player with the highest total stableford score for the hole wins the hole. In the event of a tie, i.e equal stableford points, meaning the hole is “halved or squared”

At the end of the round, the player who won most holes is declared the winner.

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